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Ashlyn Goldberg,

Interior Stylist & Owner

My name is Ashlyn Goldberg and I am passionate about creating a warm and inviting home. For the past several years, I have used my own home as a decorating laboratory.  Styling and restyling rooms as a technique for honing my own, individual style. And if I am not physically moving around furniture and accessories, I am studying the great interior designers of our time in order to train my own eye for recognizing excellent design. When multiple people requested I help them in the same way, I decided to start my own interior styling company, The Uncommon Collector, LLC.  


I am originally from Mobile, Alabama and both my mom, and her mother when she was still alive, were incredible self-taught decorators. My mom owned her own decorating company in Houston, Texas in the 1980’s and I’ll never forget our hallway closet, which in most homes would be filled with extra blankets and pillows and wrapping paper, was filled with shelves of gleaming brass decorative accessories.  I still remember all the fabric stores and warehouses she took me to and the creative people I got to meet along the way. 


As for myself, our home has been featured in the Durham Magazine, May 2019, and Triangle Style Magazine, Summer 2018. In February of 2018, I was featured on The Real Raleigh (or Durham) with Jamie Meares, owner of Furbish Studio. 


It is my belief that having a beautiful home can be one of life’s greatest pleasures and it would be my honor to help you create that for you and your family.  

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